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55 1/2" Grotnes Hydraulic Ring Shrinking-Shrinker Machine

55 1/2" Grotnes Hydraulic Ring Shrinking-Shrinker Machine

Manufactured by Grotnes Machine Co of Atlanta Georgia

Serial # B-1375

Manufactured 1965


A: Pushing Force @ 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Pressure = 1.593,000 Lbs. or 796 Tons

(One Main Pressure Ring Approx. 88 Inch O.D. Cast Steel)

B: Max Tangential Stress that can be set up in 8 square inches (Thickness x Length) = 100,000 Lbs

C: Max Allowable Radial Thickness of Part Requiring 100,000 PSI PSI Tangential Stress = 3"

D: Maximum Part O.D. Allowing for 1 Inch Thick Die Walls = 50"

E: Minimal Shrink Diameter of the Jaws = 52"

F: Open Diameter of the Jaws = 55 1/2"

G: Travel from Open to Shrunk Diameter = 3 1/2"

H: Adjustment odf Diameter = 52" Closed or Shrunk (Working) Position = +/- 0.500"

I: Max Part Height = 12"

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