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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.



- 900 mm Maximum swing over bed 

- 3000 mm Workpiece maximum length 

- 25-150 mm Drill range diameter 

- 60 - 200 mm Drill range diameter with core 

- 250 mm Boring max diameter 

- 150 – 1100 rpm Spindle speed 

- 100 – 1035 rpm Drill speed 

- 550 mm Bed width 

- 9000x1400 mm Machine dimension 

- 23000 Kg Approx weight 

Machine complete with: Steady rest for drill, steady rest for piece, adaptors, head for counter, rotating drill, tanks 

Machine need retrofit. Price: 35.000 EUR Ex Work (loaded into truck)  

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"COMPLETE TREPAN DEPARTMENT" Including Wohlenberg Type B 800 P Combination Trepan Lathe & Deep Hole Boring Machine / 60" Mackintosh Hemphil Co. Trepan Lathe / Tooling / & Optional  32" x 216" American Trepan Engin Lathe

We found the following trepaning fixtures which come with the Department: 2-¾", 3-¼", 3-?", (2) 4-¾", (3) 5", (2) 6", 6-½", 7-¼", 7-½",

(2) 9", (2) 10", 10-½", 11", 12"

There are twenty (20) altogether. Multiples of the same size are shown with parentheses.

We would like to combine the two lathes, the Oil Filtration and Chip Separation, and Collection System, along with any extras into the department 

Wohlenberg Type B 800 P Trepan Lathe

and Deep Hole Boring Machine, 

Built 1975

Major specifications:

Max trepanning diameter ............... 14"

Max solid bore ........................ 4"

Min solid bore ........................ 3/4"

Max counter boring dia ................ up to 14" w/o pilot bore

Max counter boring dia ................ over 14" w/pilot bore

Swing over bed ........................ 32"

Max boring bar dia .................... 14"

Max capacity of steady rest ........... 27-1/2"

Torque ................................ 3,620 ft. lbs.

Main drive power ...................... 3.6 - 87 kW (4.8 - 116.7 hp)

Equipped with: 

• Main electrical cabinet

• Coolant System

• Raised Clamping Table

• 116.6 hp Siemens Drive Motor

• 480V/3/50/60 electrics

• Large assortment of tooling

• Stationary Workpiece Rotating Tool Design

Built new in 1975 and still installed at the original purchaser's plant site, this machine is in very good

working condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.

This machine is a "P" Version. The "P" version is suitable for boring heavy, asymmetrical or awkwardly

shaped workpieces, which cannot rotate. Workpieces of this type are clamped to an extension of the

machine on a raised clamping table. The tool headstock drives the boring tool. Boring feed is produced

by the boring carriage but there is no work headstock.

After visiting the plant last week, we learned that the Mackintosh Hemphill and the Wohlenberg Trepan lathes,

are connected to an elaborate Oil Filtration and Chip Separation and Collection System which both lathes feed their chips into. 

The System was designed and installed by the Trepanning Corporation of America and I believe it makes this Department much more valuable.

Further, the Wohlenberg also has an 8 ft x 16 ft T-Slotted Floor Plate installed into the floor,

which allows the tail-end of the lathe to be affixed to the floor and gives the lathe a longer workpiece length capacity.

One more important thing to note is that the Mackintosh Hemphill Lathe has a 200hp Hydraulic Drive system for the main head. 

Further, it has a 60hp lead screw drive and a 50 hp DC drive on the bearing support. 

60" Mackintosh Hemphil Co. Trepan Lathe


60" Mackintosh Hemphil Co. Trepan Lathe

60" 4 Jaw Chuck

20' Bed length

38" Steady Rest

13 1/4" Steadies

68" Bed Width

Operators Set Up Manual


1775 RPM

230/440V 60Hz

146-73 Amps

The tooling that goes with this machine is too numerous to mention. 


32" x 216" American Trepan Engin Lathe


32" x 216" American Engin Lathe

Serial # 76994/64

40" Swing over Ways

Style H 32 x 216

23' Bed Way

Lead Screw Feed

Cross carriage

Steady Rest 27 1/2"/ Several others go with it.

Additional Chucks ~ 1 of 34" ~ 2 of 28" ~ 1 of 12" 

(There are at least a half dozen others chucks to go with it)

Special Jig for Trepan Boring



1765 RPM

65 Amp

This lathe has been being used as a Trepan Type Lathe.

As of yet, we have not located a tailstock.  Comes with Tooling UNDER POWER ! "


60" x 300" Niles Heavy Duty Trepan ~ Deep Hole Boring Lathe

60" Niles Engine Lathe

31-1/2" Center Line to Ways

25 Foot Between Centers

60" Diameter Chuck

Taper Attachment

Taper Carriages

50 HP D.C. Motor (500 - 1500)