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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press,Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.

80"/90" ~ 64" x 137"/360" (9000mm) Leopoldo Pontiggia Heavy Duty Engine Lathe

80"/90" ~ 64" x 137"/360" (9000mm) Leopoldo Pontiggia Heavy Duty Gap Bed Engine Lathe

Make: Lepont Leopoldi

Model: U-1000

Swing over Bed: 80’’

Swing in gap: 90’’

Swing over carriage: 64’’

Diam. Of face Plate / 4 Jaws chuck: 67’’

Center distances: 9 meters: 360'' (2 sections bed)

Center distances: 137’’ (1 section bed)

Weight without steady rest: 55,000 lbs

With one steady rest: 68,500 lbs

Max. torque admitted: 29,000 lbs

Spindle Bore: 5’’

Spindle Speeds: 3.5-250 rpm

Motor: +- 50 HP

Taper Cutting from compound Rest +- 48’’ long.

Dimensions: 8’ pi. X 52’ pi. (8’ ft X 52’ ft)

Weight: 85,000 Lbs.

Including: 2 Steady Rest +- 22’’, 1 Follow Rest,

All threads cutting, Heavy duty Live center.

Machine less than 1000 working hours from a Paper Mill Plant.