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500 TON x 29 1/2' (9000mm)
w/22' (6800mm) Between Housings "NEW CNC"


WE67K-500T/900 Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC sheet metal bending machine

Price and machine brief description

1. The price is FOB (free on board) Shanghai China $188,000.00 USD

2. Machine related configuration

Brand Name HC

Model Number WE67K-500T/9000(mm)

Special handling stress relief

Controlled Axes Y1, Y2, X axis and compensation table V

Bending length 9000mm

3. Products picture:

4. Time of delivery: In 60 days

5. Type of payment is T/T , irrevocable L/C or negotiable

6. Various certificates. ISO, CE. Certification of Origin and so on

7. This machine whole shipment, we will use plastic film and fixation with steel wire to suit for long distance shipping

8. Technical parameter

Main technical parameters of bending machine :

nominal force 5000 KN

Worktable Length 9000 mm

working table width 400 mm

Depth of throat 450 mm

Distance between columns of body 6800 mm

slide stroke 300 mm

Opening height 560 mm

Stroke speed Fast Forward 80mm/s

Working 9mm/s

return stroke 80mm/s

Main motor power 37 KW

Controlled Axes 3+1 axle

The X axis stroke 800 mm

9. Validity date is 30 days

Machine tools installation environment

1.Power supply voltage : 380V 50Hz

2.Working temperature : 0℃~+40℃

3.Work environment : Clean little dust

The main structure and properties of the machine tool :

1.According to T2257.2 JB / 92 the sheet metal bending machine technical conditions "and GB/T14349-93" sheet metal bending machine precision of the machine, the machine design of all components are using computer-assisted design, computer the finite element analytical calculation, computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) software structure design, fully guarantee the each parts of the structure strength and rigidity ;

2.The whole steel welding structure, rack thick, high rigidity, shock resistant ;

3.The machine mechanical structure of the main frame, working platform, the slider, main cylinder and block material after components. The perfect design and manufacturing process, can effectively ensure the machine manufacture and use of precision.

4.The movement of the bending design, stable, easy operation, safety ;

5.The machine frame, the slider, such as the main parts used the introduction of the numerical control large Russian ground boring and milling machine a pack card and become, ensure the precision of the host the geometry precision requirements ;

6.The use of advanced machine slideway, self-lubricating materials to regular lubrication maintenance ;

7.With electro-hydraulic proportional synchronous form make tool machine in the atb, slanting load resistance has been greatly improved, machine tool can be almost completely slanting load in the normal work, working platform, pillar, beams, the slider design of high rigidity, when bending deformation of the bay and the slider, therefore, small parts have good linearity and the consistency of the Angle ;

8.The next check point slider is when the calendar function ensure accuracy of work piece 。

Hydraulic system

1.The Germany BOSCH proportion servo drive, can get high synchronous control precision;

2.The motor selection domestic famous brands motor, strong power, and low noise .

3.Sealing ring choose Japanese NOK, sealed performance is good, reliable work, long life;

4.A clear oil level of the height and the oil temperature display;

5.The structure is compact, good sealing, long life;

6.In full load machine can under continuous work, hydraulic system and stable without leakage, high precision.

Electrical control system :

1.Electric cabinet ESTUN by Nanjing company provide electrical components, meet international standards, safe and reliable, strong anti-jamming capability, and electric heat function with the ark

2.Equipped with mobile pedal switch operation, there is an emergency stop function 。

The oil cylinder synchronization control :

Two main oil cylinder's movement and positioning of the numerical control system by Y1, Y2 axis control Y1, Y2 axis, numerical control system is the two independent movement parameters. Machine tools with the two ends import grating to measure the ruler, slider and the stage of the exact distance. Grating feet in connection with the installation of small on the frame, eliminate the deformation of the pillar thumb position effect. The slider motion location data to the numerical control system immediate feedback, it can estimates and output servo valve control signal S1, S2, control two electric-hydraulic servo valve output flow, make two main oil cylinder always synchronous machine operation, the slide block in the suppression of the movement and a higher workpiece position precision.

The deflection of the compensation

V axis adopt inclined piece of compensation in the way of

Angle deformation compensation can be according to the

machine manual load conditions the deflection, 

compensation table.

八、Block material after

By nc system to block material after the X axis control, the import of ball screw and linear guide rail, has high precision, strong rigidity, speed, load bearing features 。


1.Random configuration on the mould clamping device manual fast

2.Mould can be based on user requirements, the other practical process design for 。

十、Numerical control system :

The Dutch DELEM-DA52 numerical control system, with the human suspension shell design 。


Integrated DA-52 numerical control system has Delem digital programming design tools, convenient for CNC programming, with bending process of specific functions, can let the machine adjustment and test the work to reduce to a minimum 。

A button can be produced, nc program automatically calculates shaft position 。

In the process of production, the operator can be used in DA-52 to graphic simulation process, and bent to guide operation 。

Basic configuration system for Y1-Y2-X-R axis, R shaft also used for Z or X2 axis. The deflection compensation for standard. Axis V 。

2.DA-52 characteristics :

●One page type parameter programming

●6.4 "truecolor TFT LCD display

●The deflection compensation control

●Mould library

●After the second shaft block material control can be chosen

●USB interface

●Advanced the Y axis control algorithm, which can control loop, also can open loop control valve

●Block material after can choose servo control, frequency conversion control, AC control

●Face plate structure

十一、Main configuration

1.Servo valve set BOSCH company (Germany)

2.Pressure valve set BOSCH company (Germany)

3.Seals NOK company (Japan)

4.Numerical control system DELEM company (the Netherlands)

5.Grating feet HEIDENHAIN company (Germany)

6.Hose connector PARKER company (USA)

7.Oil pump Shanghai gear pump

8. Motor SIEMENS company

十二、Technology material

The contract comes into force, the supplier for the buyer provide machine tools installation foundation and related figure of electric, hydraulic, mechanical technology material ;

十三、Machine standard accessories

1.Mobile pedal switch 1

2.Hex wrench 1

3.Anchor bolt 4

4.Product operation instructions 1

5.Certificate 1

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