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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.

42/60” x 280” Two Wheel Farrel Roll Grinder 1964
w/Telescoping Way Covers


Max. Roll Dia., on center with full size wheel 42”

Max. Roll Dia., above centerline 60”

Min. Roll Dia., ground on centerline 8”

Max. Roll Face ground 280”

Max. Carriage traverse 304”

Max. Crown/Concavity of roll 0.400”

Includes telescoping way and traverse screw covers


Work speeds 0 – 25 RPM

Work Motor 20 HP


Grinding Wheel Dia., std. 20”

Grinding Wheel Face, std. 3”

Spindle speed range 100 – 1100 RPM

Grinding wheel motors 15 HP

Infeed Assemblies

• Trunion tilt, pivoted infeed system for grinding wheel fine feed

• Fine wheel handwheel for finishing use on operator’s side

• Positive Automatic infeed to Operator’s side grinding wheel with potentiometer

Controlled motor driving the fine feed handwheel column to compensate for

Wheel wear.

• Updated Servo Motors for continuous infeeds


Desired Carriage Speed 2 - 60 ipm

Carriage Motor 3 to 10 HP

Traverse screw diameter 4 5/8”

Carriage Ways, center-to-center 66”

Over all width of each way 7 ¾”

Over all length of carriage 88”

PRICE:   On Request


Optional Equipment (if not existing)

A. Belt grind attachment for operator side (See attached)

B. Additional grinding wheel centers

C. New coolant system

D. Strap on dresser

E. On machine profile caliper (See attached)

F. New electrical controls required (See attached)

Belt Grinding Attachment for Operator Side:  With Pneumatic Belt Tensioning device.  Includes (1) 1:1 serrated contact wheel with 70 durometer rubber and (1) 1:1 serrated contact wheel with 90 durometer rubber.

General Specifications:

Belt Size: 4” width x 132” length

Contact Wheel: 16” diameter x 4” face

Tension Pulley: 12.4” diameter x 4.5” face

Tensioning System: Pneumatic (Standard shop air)

Tracking System: METS Tru-track

Dust Collection Outlets: 4” diameter (2)

Applications: Wet or dry grinding

Standard Equipment

(2) Flexible hoses

(1) Pneumatic Control Panel

(1) Box contact wheel abrasive dressing pads

Machine mounted roll caliper:

One (1) lot of measuring equipment to measure various geometrical features of rolls ground at your site.  The measuring device is designed for, and mounts on, an existing Farrel two-wheel roll grinder.  The special design features two measuring gages in bracket/lever assemblies mounted on the wheel guards of the roll grinder.  The gages traverse the length of the roll body on the carriage thus being able to measure and record the geometrical characteristics of the roll over its entire length, and at any fixed location but with the roll rotating.

The measuring device records, displays and provides a hard copy of the measurement in the form of a graph, representing continuous measurement over the length or circumference of the roll. The graph also displays the nominal or base measurement parameter (a zero line, cosine crown, or compound crown target) and tolerances. The device provides reports on the following measurement modes:

Two gage straight profile measurement

Two gage caliper tracking measurement

Two gage crown measurement

One gage TIR/concentricity measurement at 3 and 9 o'clock

Two gage two plane concentricity measurement

Two gage roundness measurement. 

Special measurements such as sag, roll alignment, machine ways, and T.I.R. in other positions, are possible using the standard modes, too. The resolution of the display system can be set to .0005", .0001", .00001", 0,01 mm, 0,001 mm, or 0,0005 mm. Gage head resolution is .00004", .00002", or .000004" depending on the model.

The recording system is PC based with report display and hard copy capabilities. The graph is displayed during measuring (profile and crown) or immediately after (T.I.R. and roundness) a measuring pass. The reports also include entered or previously saved roll data. There is space in the software program for saving the reports on a hard disk, up to 1000 roll numbers and 1000 reports for each roll. Cabling is required via the cable carrier of the roll grinder.

The measuring and recording system is the RollTrack® model 2G1E and it consists of:

1. Two mounting brackets/levers for the Farrel two wheel roll grinder. Contact point distance from the cover face of the wheel guard towards the wheel center is 4". Vertical adjustment for above grinder center line measurement is 5".

2. Two photo electronic gage heads.

3. Two each barrel and ball type measuring contacts.

4. One distance encoder w/bracket & wheel.

5. Three signal cables from gage heads to PC. Specify length.

6. Software license to use RollTrack® software at one measuring location on one PC system. 

7. One PC interface board.

8. One PC system with Windows XP.

9. One SVGA color display.

10. One color printer.

11. Set of manuals.

Electrical Controls (480, 3 phase):

480 vac / AC Drive retrofit system

(Baldor Flux Vector Inverters / Motors and Koyo PLC)

a. Install 6 new AC Inverters, motors and motor mounts on all 6 axis.

b. New Koyo PLC.

c. New main theatrical enclosure (Double door, NEMA 12, Force ventilated, including all required starters, relays and fusing), main operator control panel with 12” C-More HMI Touch Screen, wheel head 2 remote station and headstock jog station.

d. New wiring, conduit, raceways and fittings.

e. Commission, test, debug and run off to achieve satisfactory customer acceptance.

Also included: One set of “as built” drawings to include:

1. Electrical Bill of Materials

2. Enclosure Layout Drawings

3. Elementary Schematic Drawings

4. Wiring Harness detail Drawings

5. PLC Ladder Logic Program

6. HMI Program Screens

Enclosure layout and specifications are to be in accordance with NEC 2005.  CE (Finger safe components) and NFPA 70E Arc Flash Protective shielding included.


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