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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press,Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.

21.3' (6500mm) FCC-HTDK Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine for Plate Connection and Internal Welding

21.3' (6500mm) Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine for Plate Connection and Internal Welding
ITEM #1 = (1) FCC-HTDK 6500 1 Pcs                       ​
ITEM #2 = (1) ESAB Welder Supply (1 Pcs.)           ​


Currency : USD, $ Dollar Only.​
Payment Terms : %50 Down payment - %50 Before Shipment​
Delivery Time : 10 Weeks Starting From Down payment Remittance​
Delivery Term : EXW Konya - Turkey / According to INCOTERMS 2010​

A - Price Offer Validity : 15 days starting from the date this offer is sent to you.​
B - Included Items and Terms to Price Offer;​
1. All listed machines and components under this quotation.​
2. If necessary, installation and training will be for free in English language at importer's factory when importer approves to pay the cost of flight tickets,​
accommodation (at least 3 stars hotel), daily meal of the (2) installation team.​
3. Standard machines (positioners, rotator, seamer, circumferential) do not need installation. They have plug and run system.​

C - Non-Included Items and Terms to Price Offer;​
1. Welding Consumables like welding wire, shielding gas, flux etc.​
2. Power Input Cable to Run the Machine, (Importer has to provide necessary electrical connection in factory to the machine's location)​
3. Fixing tools or additional height fixtures or different size of clamping jaws.​
4. Any spare part.​

D - Warranty Conditions and Documentations;​
1. Mechanical and electrical parts are under our warranty of 2 years period starting from the installation in the importers factory.​
2. Manmade damages, factory default mistakes are included to warranty conditions.​
Other than that, FCC-HUR-TEK will ask importer to send the damaged or broken part to FCC-HUR-TEK factory for observation and analysis.​
One way freight cost will be paid by importer.​
3. The machine will be delivered with user manual, electrical diagram, electrical components' warranty certificates and CE certificate.​
4. The machine itself has CE certificate.​
E - Testing and Sharing Test Results;​
1. FCC-HUR-TEK has to test the equipment(s) in FCC-HUR-TEK's factory within 5 (five) days after production is completed.​
FCC-HUR-TEK will send picture or video of the results via e-mail or any other communication channel like fax.​
2. If any representative of buyer party would like to attend to testing, importer has to inform us to wait his/her existince during testing.​

F - Transportation and Customs Responsibilities;​
1. According to ExW Konya / Turkey term, buyer is responsible for logistic whichever is the most suitable. Buyer must load the good in FCC-HUR-TEK factory under approved terms.​
2. According to ExW Konya / Turkey term, insurance against damages or lost during transportation is not included,​
and exporter can not be held responsible for any damage or lost during unloading and transportation.​

G - Design and Changes;​
1. FCC-HUR-TEK has right to change the design of machine without prior notice.​
2. If any change on technical details should be applied, importer has to inform exporter and ask for with a written permission.
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