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248" ~ 224.4" x 124" (6300MM ~ 5700MM X 3150MM) CNC Vertical Lathe

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This series machines are suitable for high speed steel and carbide cutting tools, the ferrous metal,
nonferrous metal and some non-metallic parts inside and outside the cylinder, cone surface and
face, thread, cutting, etc. The rough and fine turning processing

Structure type:
Machine is mainly composed of table, gantry, beams, gearbox, and vertical tool rest, walking board,
numerical control system, hydraulic and lubrication system of part of the station and so on. Left tool
post with digital readout, and right tool post with cnc control.
The spindle of workbench is equipped with a 3182100 series double row centripetal short
cylindrical roller bearing, the inner ring with a taper hole, by adjusting the radial clearance, to
ensure the accuracy of spindle. Workbench using constant current static pressure guide rail to
withstand a load of the vertical direction, in order to prevent the thermal deformation, with the
hydraulic oil cooling oil temperature automatic control box.
Portal frame:
Portal frame is composed of left and right column and the connecting beam. There are left and right
lifting box upper portion of the gantry, the lifting box is driven by ac motor, through the worm gear,
worm pair and double screw make beam around the support rail for lifting movement. Machine tool
left and right column, the connecting beam are all adopt high strength, low stress cast iron material,
make the machine tool have great strength and high stiffness, the aging treatment, eliminate stress,
to ensure the accuracy of machine tools.
Beam using high strength and low stress cast iron pieces, so it has enough stiffness and strength,
through the aging treatment, which ensures the accuracy of machine tools. Beam and column
guide rail interface with PTFE wear-resistant guide soft belt, has a small friction coefficient, greatly
extend the service life of the machine tool. Beam is set in front of the column, which makes the
beam on the column do vertical movement. Behind the bar has four hydraulic clamping point,
fastening device and beam lifting motor and lubrication has interlock, by beam lifting button control,
to ensure the beam stability.
Left and right turning head:
Left tool post for digital display and right tool post for CNC, respectively composed by the beam
slide, ram, reducer, balance the oil cylinder and ball screw. Set feeding by servo motor, 0.05 ~ 500
mm/min range infinitely adjust. Fast moving speed is 4000 mm/min. Vertical ram by servo motor
with brake through the reducer drives the ball screw for vertical movement, 0.05 ~ 500 mm/min can
be obtained of feeding, fast moving speed of up to 4000 mm/min, but under the condition of losing
electricity in the whole machine, ensure that went on to restart the knife still keep the original
precision machining surface. Level tool rest and the trace of cutter, vertical tool rest all through
hand-held operator (hand) accurate operation, display values from 0.001 ~ 1 mm. The tool carrier is
equipped with rotary slide, ram can moved within 15 ~ 30 + point (note: due to the Angle change,
vertical travel tool rest also varies with the change).Rest ram with hydraulic balance device to
balance the slippery pillow part weight; make the ram to the smooth movement.
Speed changing box:
The material of gears is of high-frequency quenching handling of high quality alloy steel. The
hardness can reach HRC45-50, the accuracy can reach 6 series. This is the vertical speed
changing box, therefore even remove the weakest link in the bevel gear transmission system, so
even the intermittent strong cutting, the machine tool will not dozen tooth
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic station which including static pressure system, main drive variable speed system, beam
clamping system, vertical tool rest ram hydraulic balance system, oil temperature system. Table of
static pressure system by the variable pump oil supply, through long balanced hydrostatic pump oil
rationing every oil pool, the workbench's suspension height can be adjusted by variable pump is
0.06 ~ 0.2 mm. The hydraulic station has blocking, flow and pressure protection, the machine will
stop working automatically if it is beyond the reach of operating requirements.
Numerical control system:
Standard Siemens system, there are several interlocking between the numerical control of
machine tool and mechanical action, to ensure the security and reliability of machine tool control
and mechanical action, in the event of failure, just press the stop button, all equipment power
Lubrication system:
The whole machine of the lubrication system is equipped with a separate lubrication station, it can
automatic and intelligent quantitative oil regularly, ensure all lubricating points, surface, friction pair
get sufficient lubrication. And can avoid the fault caused by artificial forget lubrication and make the

Parameters Unit
Model CKQ5263
Max. turning diameter mm 6300
Diameter of working table mm 5700
Max. height of work piece mm 3150
Max. weight of work piece t 80
Max torque of workbench KN.m 250
Workbench speed range r/min Stepless 0.28-21
Vertical tool rest level mm -50~3450
Vertical tool rest ram
mm 1600
Ram section size mm2 240×240
Section size of tool shank mm2 60×60
Max cutting force of right
knife rest KN 63
Max cutting force of left
knife rest KN 50
Tool post feeding range mm/min 0.1~500
Number of feeds Stepless
Rapid movement speed of
knife rest mm/min 4000
Swing angle of tool post -15°~ +30°
Beam travel mm 2800
Beam movement speed mm/min 350
The motor power KW 90
Feed servo motor torque N. m 42
Machine weight(app.) t 130

Number Components name Manufacturer Note
1 Cnc control system SIEMENS AG
2 Ac servo feed motor SIEMENS AG
3 AC servo system SIEMENS AG
4 Precision planetary redactor SHANDONG NIUSIDATE
5 Coupler Wuhanyanlian
6 Spindle bearing ZWZ
7 Other bearings HRB
8 Ball screw Nanjing technology
10 Hydraulic station DALIAN
11 Guide stainless steel shield
Domestic famous quality
12 chain
Domestic famous quality
13 Hydraulic part DALIAN
14 The electrical parts SIEMENS
15 Digital readout and raster CHANGCHUN GUANGJI