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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.


2008 Hyundai Kia SKT-400LMC Multi-Function CNC Turning Center


Swing over bed: 28.5”

Swing on carriage: 21.06”

Max machining diameter: 22.44”

Max machining length: 83.07”

STD machining diameter: 15”

Distance between the spindle section and turret section: 4.1” – 90.7”

Round bar machining capacity: 4.61”

Height from floor to spindle: 44.3”

Max weight of workpiece, chuck: 1102.29 lbs

Max weight of workpiece, tailstock: 3306 lbs

X-axis max travel distance: 12.6”

X-axis rapid feed speed: 787 ipm

Z-axis max travel distance: 86.6”

Z-axis rapid feed speed: 787 ipm

Cutting feed speed, X/Z axis: 197 ipm

Sliding type (X/Z): Box guide

Spindle rotating speed: 20 – 2000 rpm

Spindle output (30 mins / consecutive output): 37 / 30 kw (49.3 / 40 HP)

Max torque: 313 kgf m

Spindle nose: JIS A2-11

Spindle taper: AST No.60 0.1524 1/16 taper

Penetration diameter of spindle: 5.1”

Method of spindle driving: G/B + Belt

Speed-changing numbers of spindle: 2 step

Inside diameter of spindle bearing, front side: 7.09”

Inside diameter of spindle bearing, back side: 6.3”

Standard chuck: 15”

Standard cylinder: HYH-2511CC

Turret type: 12D 12P Decagonal

Tool attaching amount: 12

External diameter of tool: 1.25”

Internal diameter of tool: 2.48”

Indexing speed (1 / Full): 0.2 / 0.3

Turret driving type: Servo motor

Turret clamping force: 11 220 (at 60 kgf/cm2) 24,740 kgf lbs

Turret coupling type: Non lift (3 pieces)

Index coupling diameter: 9.96”

Tool fixing method: Wedge / Bolt

Amount of rotating tool: 2 / 12

Speed of rotating tool: 4000 rpm

Type of rotating tool: BMT75, VDI 50

Collet size: ER40 0.16” – 1.02”

Tailstock type: Programmable

Tailstock spindle taper: MT#5

Movement distance of tailstock spindle: 82.68”

Diameter of tailstock spindle: 5.9”

Thrust force of tail stock: 1410 (at 20 kgf/cm2) 3108 kgf lbs

Center type: Built-in live center

Feed speed of tailstock: 203 rpm

Feed method of tailstock: By carriage

Clamping force: 8870 kgf (17,463 lbs)

Spindle motor model: a30/6000ip

Spindle motor capacity (30 mins/cont): 37/30 kw (49.3/40 HP)

X-axis model: a30/3000i

X-axis capacity: 7 kw (9.4 HP)

X-axis torque (rated): 22.13 ft lbs

Z-axis model: a30/3000i

Z-axis capacity: 7 kw (9.4 HP)

Z-axis torque (rated): 22.13 ft lbs

Turret rotation model: B 8/3000is

Turret rotation capacity: 1.2 kw (1.6 HP)

Turret rotation torque (max/rated): 25.8 ft lbs

Rotating tool model: a6/10,000i

Rotating tool capacity: 7.5/5.5 kw (11.73/8.33 HP)

Rotating tool torque (rated): 28.5 ft lbs

Hydraulic pressure motor: 2.95 HP

Coolant motor: 2.01 HP

Lubrication motor: 0.07 HP

Bed shape: 45 degree slant

Bed type: One body type

Total power capacity: 40 KVA

Pneumatic pressure: 0.5 Mpa

Pneumatic pressure, amount consumed: 100 litres/min

Hydraulic pressure tank capacity: 20 litres

Lubricant tank capacity: 4 litres

Coolant tank capacity: 400 litres

Weight: 11,000 kg

Dimensions: 214.2”(L) x 85.2”(W) x 87.7”(H)

Equipped with:

Fanuc 21i-TB

10.4” Color Screen Display: 

Storage Capacity 640/256 m/KB

RS-232 and Memory Card

Hydraulic Steady Rest

15” Hydraulic 3-Jaw Chuck

Milling Function

Full “C” Axis

Tool Setter

Barfeed Interface

Assortment of Tool Holders (No Live Holders)