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2005 Romi E320-BMY Multi-Axes CNC Turning Center with Sub-Spindle, Live Tooling & “Y” Axis

2005 Romi E320-BMY Multi-Axes CNC Turning Center with Sub-Spindle, Live Tooling & “Y” Axis


Basic Specifications:

Cutting Capacity:

Swing Over Z Cover:                            27.55”

Cutting Diameter with Standard Tools:          12.59”

Cutting Length:                                23.62”

Distance Between Spindle Faces:                41.26”


Headstock (Main/Sub):

Spindle Nose:                                  A2-6/A2-6

Spindle Bore:                                  2.87”/2.87”

Bar Capacity:                                  2.52”/2.01”

Spindle Speed:                                 4,500RPM (Both)

Spindle Drive:                                 25HP (Both)


Axis Travels/Feeds:

X-Axis:                                       8.66”/ 945 IPM

Z-Axis:                                       23.82”/ 1181 IPM

Y-Axis:                                       3.94” (+2.36”/-1.57”)



Turret Type:                                  Servo / Hydraulic Clamp

Number of Tool Positions:                     12 (Live or Static)

Tool Selection:                               Bi-Directional

Index Time (Next Station)                     .2 Seconds (Including Unclamp & Clamp)

Driven Tool Speed Range:                      5-5000 RPM

Tool Capacity Square/Boring Bar:              1” / 1.5”

Live Tooling:                                 ER-32


Dimensions & Weight:

Width / Length w/ Chip Conveyor:              74.8” (112.2” with Panel Door Fully Open) / 179.13”

Weight:                                       19,000 LBS


Equipped With:

GE-Fanuc 18i-T CNC Control

Character Engraving System

Cs Contouring Control

Cylindrical Interpolation

Polar Coordinates Interpolation

Polygon Machining

Tool Setter

Parts Catcher / Conveyor

Barfeed Interface

LNS Quick Load Servo 65 Barfeeder with Assorted Spindle Liners

Assorted Live & Static Tooling Including 1-Adjustable Angle Live Head

100 PSI Coolant System with Separate Pumps for Tooling & Wash Down

Collet Chucks for both Main and Sub Including Collets for Both



·         In Plant, Inspections Welcome

·         Specification to be verified at time of inspection

·         See Attached Machine Catalog for full list of Control & Machine Features