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16’ (192”) AIR LIQUIDE EXIT ELEVATING SEAMER BENCH equipped with Bi-cathode PLASMA + TIG NERTAMATIC 450 (2016)

16’ (192”) EXIT ELEVATING SEAMER BENCH equipped with Bi-cathode PLASMA + TIG NERTAMATIC 450 (2016)

Longitudinal seam welding. Sheet to sheet and closing weld of shell sections with welding carried out from the inside or the outside depending on the part diameter to be welded. Materials: Stainless steel grades 304, 304L, 316L

Thicknesses: up to 1/2”

Diameters: For welding from the outside: from 23” (584mm) to 78” (2000mm)

For welding from the inside: from 63” (1600mm) to vessel diameter limited by the space beneath your crane hook.

Weld length: 16’ + 2”

EXIT 16’ Elevating equipped with a Nertamatic 450 Plasma + TIG (bi-cathode) welding installation able to implement the following processes;

· DC smooth or Pulsed current Plasma

· DC smooth or pulsed current TIG. The equipment can be used in the following process configurations;

· Mono cathode Plasma · Mono cathode TIG (with or without magnetic arc oscillation) · Bi-cathode Plasma + TIG (with or without magnetic arc oscillation for TIG) Note: ALW has successfully supplied the recommended process / equipment configuration for the

Tank & vessel construction industry where a high quality result and high level of productivity are demanded.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION The capabilities of the N450 Plasma + TIG welding process are as follows; High radiographic quality standard Plasma + TIG welding using DC smooth or pulsed current of;

Stainless steels from 1/10” (2.5mm) to 1/2” (12.5mm) without edge preparation (beveling) Carbon steels from 1/10” (2.5mm) to 5/16” (8mm) without edge preparation (beveling) For thicknesses < 0.100” the TIG process alone would be utilised. Carbon steel – DC plasma process The maximum thickness will be limited to 1/3” without preparation. For thicknesses above 1/3” it may be necessary to reduce the root face to 1/8” and to open the bevel angle to 90 degrees. Other alloys The DC Plasma process is very well adapted for the welding of various exotic alloys, eg Inconel, Duplex, Titanium, Zirconium… Such alloys may require different gas mixtures for shielding than s/steel & carbon steel.

DESCRIPTION SEAMER: A longitudinal welding seamer for the welding of longitudinal seams in both flat plate and rolled shells: the equipment is designed and configured specifically for the Plasma + TIG welding process. Thanks to its design, an ALW seamer bench ensures excellent holding of sheets and precise movement of the welding torch in respect to the joint. The technical characteristics of our benches guarantee results of a quality rarely obtained in welding. The jaws are independent and their multiplicity ensures excellent holding of sheets. More, the high pressure applied by the jaws dispenses with eventual sheet flatness faults. These jaws are exclusively made out of stainless steel, which will guarantee a quality thermal contactstable throughout the welding operation. The separation of the jaw lines is quickly adjustable by movement of 2 top beams in front of graduated rules to suit the plate thickness. The bench is made out of solid welded construction and the top beam geometry offers excellent visibility of the weld scene. Used since more than 30 years, our seamers are, according the application (materials & welding process) equipped with a back shielding gas device and with specific backing bars adapted to the welding process. The welding seamer bench allows automatic welding of plates and of rounded sheets from the inside or the outside. Minimum backing bar height = 36” approx. above the ground.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION : Rigid mechanical structure including pneumatic clamping system with joint centralization device and 2 rows of stainless steel clamping jaws, providing an adjustable clamping pressure of up to 2 x 3 tons per meter assures excellent sheet clamping. The particular design of the clamping actions provides a clamping force in 2 stages, stage 1 the jaws descend to clamp, stage 2 the jaws then provide a horizontal force to maintain the joint in compression during welding thus ensuring that joint fit up is maintained – specifically important for Plasma process. The design of the top beams assembly allows easy access for the welding equipment and better visibility of the weld seam. A water-cooled weld bead backing bar according to process provides backing gas to protect the weld under-bead from oxidation. The seamer has an “open” design, with the top welding carriage beam extending beyond the length of the seamer bed. This facilitates the welding head being “extracted” from the confines of the main seamer and thus allows very easy access to the torch and welding head assembly for set up and maintenance operations. The 2 top beam assemblies can be separately adjusted for alignment purposes. This adjustment is useful if materials of greatly differing thickness are to be welded since it allows precise adjustment of the distance between clamping jaws and the joint All pneumatic clamping actions are ordered via foot pedals control. The pneumatic circuit is in full accordance with ruling CE safety requirements.

The elevating system comprises;

· A U shaped structure with guidance by rollers running inside the U.

· Lifting movement carried out by 2 x hydraulic rams located at either side of the guiding structure.

· Vertical travel = 59”

· Two lifting speeds: High speed & low speed.

· Stability of the complete structure ensured by a base with strong feet – fixed to the floor. The upper beams of this seamer utilise our standard but heavy duty seamer bench model and as such are proven world-wide and have the following features and advantages;

1 : Front bed

2 : Backing bar supporting structure: Receives the backing bar suited to the welding process (Backing bar : part used to support the molten pool and to protect the reverse of the welding bead).

3 : Upper beams: They support the clamping jaws of the metal sheets to be welded.

4 : Rear structure.

5 : Centering blades: They are used as a stop to position and align the first metal sheet to be welded.

6 : Adjustment of distance between jaws: enables the pressure rest of the jaws to be adjusted as close as possible to the weld.

7 : Carriage travelling beam: This beam can receive a motorized carriage type CTP2 supporting the welding installation.

8 : Electro-pneumatic cabinet: This cabinet contains the filters and pressure reducing valves as well as the pneumatic directional control valves of the clamping jaws and the electrical connections.

9 : Metal sheet feed supports: The height of these supports is adjustable depending on the metal sheets and the backing bar used.

10 : Upper beam locking : Enables, when unlocked, the rings to be introduced into or remove from the SEAMER. When locked, it counterbalances the strain from clamping jaws

CHARACTERISTICS : - Motorized carriage with speed regulation : 10 to 1000 cm/min - Primary supply and safety cabinet ensuring CE conformity Maximum weldable length including run-on and run-off tabs in this configuration (video on Plasma, video on TIG plus trailing shields on both Plasma and TIG torches = 148”.

BACKING GAS CONTROL BOX The control unit can handle gas flows of the backing gas installation. It includes a 10-38 l/min flow meter as standard, a solenoid valve and a pressure control of the gas.

Chiller device F RI O J ET 3 0 0 – for backing bar cooling FRIOJET 300 cooling unit is a small chilled water generating station used to cool down, in closed circuit automatic PLASMA and TIG torches. Advantages The circulation of the water in closed circuit makes it possible: · to prevent the deposit of boiler scale in conduits and in the torches to be cooled · to save water · to have a constant water flow-rate. The regulation of water temperature provides a constant production quality and increases significantly the lifetime of the torches and of the wear parts (steady temperature). This cooling unit is autonomous, compact, and easy to install. · Separate tank in polyamide with a 18 litre capacity. · Hermetic compressor (without maintenance) with an integrated thermal protection · Rotary van pump · Electronic thermostat for water temperature setting · Visualization and control system of the return water flow rate Main characteristics: Primary supply 230V / 1 ph / 50 / 60Hz Primary consumption 11,6 amps Nominal water flow rate 6 l/min Nominal water pressure 9 bars Cooling power 2 kW Temperature output / ambient: 18°C / 40°C Noise level 70 dBA

CONTROL PANEL ON FOOT The control boxes are be mounted on a pedestal itself fitted with rollers which allow the operator to move control panel to the most convenient location.