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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press,Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.

1500 Ton x 16' Accurpress CNC Hydraulic Press Brake "2015"

Product Capacity is 1500 ton x 16'

16' Bed with increased opening height of 4"

Series 7 (rocker arm style)

Die Holders: 12W-2H-16'

Bends 1"+ plate

Includes ETS 3000 controller

Warranty Is transferable to the new owner.

Under Power and Ready for Immediate Inspection.

The following itemizes 5150016 #11998’s general specifications:


Model                                                   7150016 

Capacity                                               1500 US tons 

Concentrated Load Ratio                       175 US tons/foot 

Bed/Ram Length                                   192 inches 

Distance Between Frames                      153 inches 

Distance Between Cylinders                   140 inches 

Side Frame Throat Depth                       016 inches 

Bed Height                                            036 inches, from floor level 

Bed Cap Width                                      016 inches 

Ram Stroke                                           014 inches 

Ram Closed Height                               012 inches 

Ram Open Height                                  026 inches 

Overall Machine Length                          239 inches 

Overall Machine Width                           127 inches 

Maximum Machine Height                      164 inches, from floor level 

Assembled Weight                                150,000 pounds 

Hydraulic Power Unit                             60 HP 575VAC/60HZ/3PH 

Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity                 160 US Gallons, ISO 46 Anti-wear hydraulic fluid 

Theoretical Fast Approach Speed          024 Inches/Minute 

Theoretical Slow Bed Speed                  006 Inches/Minute 

Approx. Return Speed                           040 Inches/Minute


We also have a foundation detail drawing FND67403B.pdf. 

Note that we generally don't include concrete thickness in our foundation detail drawings as we have no geological information of a customer's site conditions.

However, your potential customers local engineer will need to know the following when designing for their site conditions:


·         the foundation design is for the static load of the press brake, not the capacity of the press brake 

·         the estimated weights (static load) of an Accurpress 7150016 is 150,000 lbs.

·         the press brake contacts the foundation in 4 places, 2 front & 2 rear anchoring pads 

·         the 2 front anchoring pads see 75% of the static load 

·         the anchoring pads are 18" wide x 32" long 

·         the anchoring pads will be field welded to the steel plates embedded within the foundation 

·         foundation design and concrete thickness under these steel plates is most important