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3000mm x 200mm (10' x 8") 2007 MG 3200W Hydraulic Plate Roll Profiler


-Surface hardening of the 3 rolls ( Hrc 54 / 58 )

-Digital readouts of the side bending rollers

-Conical bending hydraulic attachment

-Hydraulic power from centralized unit with multiple pumps variable flow.

-Prepinch power adjustable with pressure controller to accomplish best pre-bending of plate ends


Nr. 1 used rolling machine model 3200W ( new in year 2007 ) -Price: Euro 1.490.000,00

-Delivery term : ex-works dismantled packed and loaded on truck.

-Delivery time: used machine ready for delivery ( subject to availability at order time )

-Guarantee : available package with extended warranty up to 12 months to agree at negotiation.

-Payment: 30% advance at order time, balance prior to shipment.

-Validity of offer: machine on priority sale

-Erection start-up and commissioning: we provide full service with our service personnel to agree at the cost.  



3 ROLLS MODEL MG 3200W ( 3000 X 200 MM ) NEW IN YEAR 2007-

Bending capacity:

-Width of plate: 3000 mm

-Thickness of plate rolling: 200 mm

-Pre bending plate thickness 160 mm

-Opening between rolls 320 mm

-Rolling process in multiple passes with initial pre-pinch of both plate ends.

-Minimum diameter is obtainable with medium plate thickness or reducing the plate width.

Capacity table on plate yield strength 360 N/mm2

Pre-pinching with flat part from 1,5 to 3 times the thickness



1000 4500 190 165

1000 3300 185 160

1000 2000 175 140

1000 1400 160 130

2000 4500 180 155

2000 3300 175 145

2000 2000 165 125

2000 1400 150 120

3000 4500 170 145

3000 3300 165 130

3000 2000 155 115

3000 1600 150 100

Technical machine configuration:

Rolls length 3100 mm Top roll size mm. 1100 Side rolls size mm. 980

Torque daNm. 155.000 Bending power Tons. 3500 Electric requirement: 400 Hp.

3 rolls driven, powered with hydraulic motor and planetary gear unit each roll.

Rolling speed variable up to max. 4 mtr./min.

Speed control and compensation: automatic by the hydraulic system.

Rolls movement: fully hydraulic with pistons and hydro-motors.

Pinching operation: hydraulic powered.

Drop-end : hydraulic operated ( opening top roll to unload the formed plate ).

Rollers made out of forged alloy steel with treatment for stress relieve and induction hardening.

Features description:

The lower rolls are positioned independently with planetary pinch against top roll. Parallelism with torsion bar for the best

repeatability and lifetime lasting accuracy. The 3 rolls are hydraulic driven, each one powered with hydro-motor and axial gear unit

to guarantee a perfect total torque transmission to the plate. The speed of revolution is controlled with an automatic hydraulic

peripheral compensation to avoid plate slippage.

The planetary pinch configuration allow to obtain an optimal pre-bending leverage condition against the plate being formed, thus

reducing the remaining flat. The edge of the plate can be clamped on the extreme end, very much close to the pinching position

without having slippage. This is resulting a simple process and accurate pre-bending of the plate ends.

Opening gap between rolls is very large, much above that the nominal capacity of the machine, this is giving the additional

advantage to roll specific applications. The lower rolls can be tilted for cone rolling fully hydraulic operated with digital position

reading. Can be formed a very tight diameter of the cone.

General description:

-3 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine with dual pre-pinch planetary pyramid configuration

-The rolls are crowned to compensate the loads for deflection and increase the gripping power between plate and rolls.

-No turning of plate is required all along the rolling process. Easy one-man operation.

-Parallelism between top and bottom rollers with torsion bar system lifetime lasting accuracy.

-Machine housing and frames made of welded steel construction and stress relieved.

-The 3 rolls installed on sealed bearings , free from greasing and reduced maintenance.

Protection hydraulic and safety features:

- Hydraulic peripheral speed compensation system between top roller, plate and bottom roller.

-Hydraulic system with relief valves to stop the roller at their end position.

-Automatic hydraulic instant braking of rolls rotation

-Overload protection valves on each hydraulic movable part on the machine.

-Emergency shut-down system by means of electric safety equipments and push buttons.

Hydraulic unit:

-A single centralised hydraulic tank enclosed on the rear of the machine provide the oil feeding for all the bending operations.

-The unit is powered with independent pumps to feed simultaneously the rolls rotation and the bending movements of forming.

-Rolls movement controlled with direct drive electric solenoid valves.

Electric unit:

- powered with electric motors standard star/delta start, to run the pressure hydraulic pumps.

-Commands to the machine are given from a centralised electric console movable on wheels and remotable

to accommodate the best working position. The console is provided with digital readout of rolls bending positions.

Lubrication and greasing:

-Greasing free technology. All parts pre-greased and sealed in the factory. Very limited periodical maintenance requirement.

Components and parts manufacturer:

-All the commercial components electric, hydraulic, bearings, pumps, valves, are of first quality European brands.


-Input power supply 3 phase 380 V.a.c. - 50 Hz – 400 Hp provided by user up to main power breaker only.

-Hydraulic oil ISO grade 32.

-Water supply not required.

-Air compressed supply not required.

-Foundation drawings available

Documentation provided with the machine:

-Set of operation and maintenance manuals are provided along with the machine (in English )

-Manuals consists of the following :

-Instructions for operating the machine with sequence process description.

-Instructions for proper maintenance of the machine, including service charts.

-Safety instructions during operation and maintenance of the machine.

-Electrical/electronic circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams with parts identifications.

-Hydraulic diagrams indicating the main components installed with proper identification

-Control chart diagrams showing capacity performances at the various different thickness and length of plate to be rolled.

Overall machine dimensions 5580 x 9500 x H 6090 mm , pit foundation depth 3250 mm