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11/16" x 157" Modified Boldrini SPA Ribo 18HY/4000 1995 Hydraulic Cold Flanging Machine

Manufacturer                                         Boldrini SPA Italy

Hydraulic cold flanging machine model  Ribo 18HY/4000

Serial No                                                 8738

Year Of manufacture                            1995


Max thickness for carbon steel max Y.S= 26Kgs/mm2                mm18

Max thickness for austenitic stainless steel                                 mm15

Max knuckle radius                                             r= mm 400

Min knuckle radius                                              r= mm 25

Max head diameter                                           D=mm 4000       

Min head diameter                                            D=mm 800    

Max head total depth                                       H=mm 900  

Main motor for head rotation(N 1 motor) KW 37

Auxiliary motors total power(N 4 motor) KW 19

Approx. Total weight of the machine kg 12.500

The standart machine is equipped with:

*Automatic flanging cycle

*Tilting of main knuckle roll shaft by means a powered worm reduction unit to be operated by pressing the push-buttons located on the control panel

*Hydraulically driven and tilting  flanging roll so that both rolls,knuckle and flanging, are positively driven.

*Attachment for flanging thin walled heads(specaly recommend for stainless Steel)

*Metal telescopic protections for machine bed

*Greasing system

*No.2 zero setting digital read –outs to display the position of the lower head holding me upper anf lower carrige position before clamping the head to be flanged.

*No. 12 Knuckle flanging rolls(standard cast iron) IKR=25,IKR=35,IKR=50,IKR=75,IKR=100,IKR=125,IKR=150, IKR=200,


*No. 3 Knuckle flanging rolls(special bronze alloy)


*Total Hydraulic components: from Bosch rexroth

*Electrical components:from TELEMECANIQUE(Schneider group)

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