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108" 2011/2014 Faro Edge 3D Coordinate
Measurement Arm

2011 Faro Edge 3D Coordinate Measurement Arm

Built in 2011 purchased new in 11/2014

2.7m (9 ft) Measuring Range

Volumetric Accuracy: ±.041mm (±.0016in)

Single Point Repeatability: .029mm (.0011in)

Weight: 10.9kg (24.1lbs)

All software up to date.

Laser line probe ES at additional cost

Accuracy: ±35µm (±.0014in)

Repeatability: 35µm, 2s (.0014in)

Stand-off: 80mm (3.15in)

Depth of Field: 85mm (3.35in)

Effective Scan width: Near Field 53mm (2.09in), Far Field 90mm (3.54in)

Points per line: 752 points/line

Scan Rate: 60 frames/second, 60fps x 752points/line = 45,120 points/sec

Laser: Class 2M

Weight: Handle with LLP - 222.4g (7.8oz) Handle without LLP - 145.8g

(5.1oz) Difference - 76.6g (2.7oz)