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Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press,Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
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1 1/4" x 256" (32mm x 6500mm) 1998 BOLDRINI Ribo 32 Flanging Machine, with Protection for Hot Flanging

1998 BOLDRINI Ribo 32 Flanging Machine, with Protection for Hot flanging.


Model: RIBO 32HY x 6500

Build: 1998

CAPACITY : 1 1/4" x 256" (32mm x 6500mm)



Reference Yield Strength: 

26 Kgs/mm2


Max. Carbon steel flanging thickness: 

1 1/4" (32mm)


Max. austenitic stainless steel flanging thickness: 

.98425" (25mm)


Max. Knuckle roll radius: 

R = 800 mm


Min. Knuckle roll radius: 

R = 30 mm


Max. Head diameter after flanging: 

D = 6.500 mm


Min. Head diameter after flanging: 

D = > 1.400 mm

(with special device) 

D = = 800 through 1.400 mm 

Max. Head total depth, straight flange included: 

H = 1.550 mm 

Radius of knuckles: 

R200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 

Special Device for Minimum head: 


Min & Max diameter and SHAPE OF HEADS: 

Standard Torispherical Shape


R = D   r = 1/10 D

Max. Diameter: 6.500 mm

Min. Diameter (with special device): 800 mm


Semi-elliptical 2:1 shape 

R = 0,8 D   r = D/6,5

Max. Diameter: 5.200 mm

Min. Diameter: 800 mm



Main motor for head rotation: 160 KW


Auxiliary motors to a total of: 59 KW


Electrical spectifications: 

AC Three phase power input 

Voltage, frequency nominal 

415 V, 50 Hz



Machine total net weight


40.500 Kgs




Flanging Cycle

Hydraulically driven flanging roll (both knuckle&flanging rolls are positively driven)


Attachmtn for flanging thin walled heads


Knucle rolls IKR as per following chart (option for special ones up to customer)


Attachment to remove and change knuckle and flanging rolls


Machine pre-setting for later fitting of chamfering attachment


Centralized greasing system


Metal telescopic bed guides protections


Two zero setting digital read-outs:


The first read-out displays the position of the lower head holding carriage.

The second read-out displays the position of the upper carriage, holding the calmping cylinder.

Both read-outs should display the same upper and lower carriage positions before clamping head to be flanged.

The main purpose of the read-outs is to display the diameter od the head being flanged (final or intermediate)

Lead screws -  ball type, no maintance required - for traverse of the upper clamping and lower head-holding carriages (by SKF, STAR). Carriages can slide during operation while clamping the head.

The standard machine embodies the possibility of flanging flat heads – flanged only with no set up time and extra device (exclusive Boldrini system)




The machine will be supplied with the heat protection covers by Boldrini design. These covers will protect the electric wiring and hydraulics while flanging hot dished heads.


Heating with burners while the machine is in operation willnot guarantee the productions efficiency.


An extra head supporting spacer will be included to prevent head supporting bearing overheating.


It is not recomended to flange thickness over 45 mm (minimum head temperature 1420F)


The machine quoted is supplied by Rexroth hydraulics




Hydraulic unit will be Rexroth


Electrical equipment will be Siemens, including electric motors which will be tropicalized


PLC for auxiliary voltage circuit Siemens


Green painting