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We buy/sell/broker anything that has to do with Metal Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Welding, and Chip Turning.
Including, but not limited to, CNC and Manual Machines, Brakes, Plate Rolls, Lathes, Boring, Press, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Lathes.
Production of tanks, Dishing Press's, Spinning, Flanger & Flanging equipment for making dished end production is one of our specialties.

 0.39"/4" 2006 Ecotech M10100 4" DIAMETER Centerless Grinder

One (1) 2006 Ecotech M10100 4" DIAMETER Thru-Feed Centerless Grinder

DIAMETER:                0.39 min / 4.0 max in. limited by workrest
LENGTH:                  7.67 max in.
DIAMETER:                0.39 min / 4.0 max in

Note: The min. Dia. size is determined on the workrest blade that’s included w/standard tooling package
LENGTH:                 continuous
CENTER HEIGHT:          8.66 in. from worktable
MAXIMUM WORKLOAD:       50 lbs. (infeed)
NET WEIGHT:             15,500 lbs.
DIMENSIONS:             154.0 x 129.0 x 85.0 in. (LxWxH)

HORSE POWER:            30 hp
WHEEL SIZE:             20 x 8 x 12 in. (DxWxB)
WHEEL SPEED:            1,100 rpm
SURFACE SPEED:          6,801 sfm
DRESSER UNIT:           stepping motor infeed w / template
DRESS SWIVEL:           1 axis + of - 3 deg.
SPINDLE TAPER:          1:5 taper
SPINDLE BEARING:        cantilever type / 4 shoe hydrodynamic

RAPID TRAVEL:           30 ipm
HAND WHEEL/REV:         n/a
HAND WHEEL/DIV:         n/a
MAXIMUM TRAVEL RP:      .78 in.
OIL RESERVOIR:          5.3 gal - 60 ISO viscosity grade
HORSE POWER:            4 hp. (DC)
WHEEL SPEED:            10 - 300 rpm / variable
VERTICAL SWIVEL:        -2 deg / +5 deg
HORIZONTAL SWIVEL:      -1 deg / +3 deg
WHEEL SIZE:             13.7 x 7.87 x 8 in.
SPINDLE BEARING:        cantilever type / 3 shoe hydrodynamic
DRESSER UNIT:           variable hydro feed / template forming
DRESS SWIVEL:           2 axis / 1st -2 to +5 / 2nd -3 to +3 deg 

FLOW RATE:              5.2 gpm
PRESSURE:               241 to 284 psi (working) 14/21 psi (lubrication)
RESERVOIR:              66 gal.
HORSE POWER:            1.5 hp
HORSE POWER:            .33 hp
FLOW:                   26 gal
PRESSURE:               45 psi
RESERVOIR:              200 gal.

ROUNDNESS:              0.0005 in.
CYLINDRICITY:           0.0001 in.
REPEATABILITY:          0.00005 in.

VOLTAGE:                220 volt 3 phase 60 hz.
TOTAL Kw:               21
TOTAL KVA:              26
CURRENT AMPS:           68.89

Equipped With:
Diamond Dresser
Complete U.S. Standard Electrics
Work Light (low voltage)
Flood Coolant System
Shims for Workrest
Leveling Wedges
Work piece Ejector
Workrest Plunge / through
Grinding Wheel Hook Dismantling Unit
Wrench Set
Operational & Maintenance Manual
Spare Bearings/ Reg. & Grinding Wheel
Service & Spare Parts Kit
Single Axis DRO
12’ Bar In-Feed
Paper Filtration System
One Spare Feed Wheel & Grinding Wheel  $49,500.00 USD

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